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Watch here for 2023/2024 Upcoming events and updates

Below are some of the upcoming events for this year. More information about the events and dates will be updated as they become available. The events tab and event application tab will have more information as they get solidified and locked in.

2024 Concert by the bay facebook.jpg

Click on picture to see a printable Concert Schedule

Click on Poster For Sponsership of "Great Ball Race ' obsticles

great ball race copy.jpg
2024 ad for newspaper copy.jpg

Meet our 2024 Royalty Court.

Queen Nic, Duchess Miah, Princess Elizabeth, Prince Zach, Jr. princess Imogen, Jr. Princess Dakota and Jr. Princess Aubrey

2024 FathomsoFun Court.jpg

Want to be a volunteer

Want to be involved more in your community?  VOLUNTEER!!  Fathoms O’ Fun Festival is always seeking volunteers for our events.  Click here to see our event list and get involved.

Email with any questions and/or interest in a particular area.

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Parade Winners

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